Cleaning Tips


  1. Remove scum from your bath tub – scrub your bath tub with a slice of grape fruit and course salt. The salt provides the scrubbing texture and the citric acid in the grape fruit brakes down the stains giving a clean & sparkling bath tub.
  2. Clean the shower head with vinegar – The spotted shower heads in our bathrooms can spoil the look of the entire fittings. Simply fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar and a affix it to your  shower head with rubber bands, leaving it to soak overnight. Wash off in the morning for a clean & bacteria free shower  head.


  1. Remove old water spots from your floor – Add a few teaspoons of vinegar in a bucket of water and mop the floor the solution. You can even scrub stone tiles with a stiff brush to remove watermarks lodged in the uneven surface of the tile using the same solution.
  2. To repair minor cracks of your floor tile – Fill the crack with some wood glue, wipe off the excess glue. Allow it to dry. Next cover the crack with any nail colour matching to the tile, wiping out the access colour with cotton soaked in acetone. The crack in your tile become much lesser visible.